Questions asked in Exercise 2:

  • What is Art? – I believe art is something someone has created to make you feel and to make you question things, if you are the artist I imagine you want to make someone feel something like love, happiness, fear, horror, sad, hatred even anger to me that’s art – A feeling.
  • How do we know it’s Art? – because it’s making us feel something even if it’s boredom, but that in itself will make you question it, either the object, painting, building or the artist that’s how you know it’s art.
  • Who decides what is Art?  You do, I do, he does, she does, anyone can decide if it is art, it’s whether you want to sell it then it becomes a question as to who you can sell it to and if that person thinks its art.
  • Is it enough just to display a found object and say ‘this is art’ because it’s in an art gallery?  No, art is everywhere, like the bunch of padlocks, stick paintings and my own attempts at paintings are still art they just might not be something people want to buy or view in a gallery.
  • Duchamp said he wanted ‘to put art back in the service of the mind’.  What do you think he meant by this?  I think he want’s you to think about art, to question it, to investigate it and to love it or hate it, but appreciate it.
  • Is technical skill an important quality in an artwork?  In some cases there is a lot of technical skill, some paintings are incredible and you just couldn’t paint them unless you had the skill, but then some may think you are born an artist.
  • Do you think art needs to move you emotionally?  Yes I do, I think it is about feelings, even being bored or unimpressed it’s still a feeling if you’re looking at art.
  • Does art have to be unique?  I think so in order for it to grab attention, if you are in an art class and an apple is placed in front of the class, there will always be someone who will create something unique, not just the same picture of the same apple, it would need to be different.  Having just typed that out I’m then thinking but those people who did paint the apple exactly as it is will surely think they have still produced Art.  Hm that is one to revisit.

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