Talk about frustration, I have been wanting to type up my notes for Exercise 3, however I was determined to get to grips with the set up of the blog, I had initially given it a go with my own theme but didn’t seem to get it, so changed it (as I should have done right at the beginning) to the theme chosen by OCA.  Lesson learned, do as instructed to begin with! So I changed it to Twenty Twelve theme, but I still couldn’t get it and I had already posted four posts with tag lines that I had no idea what they were for and a few category choices that I had guessed at previously and somehow got them on my home page.  So I had to strip back to the beginning and over two days I actually think I’ve finally got it, but blimey did that test my patience, and I’m a pretty patient person.  It took rereading the instructions several times before each step sunk in.  I thought all the categories would list immediately on the home page, but they don’t list until you have actually ticked a blog in that category.  Hard to explain but I hope anyone reading this will be feeling my pain, unless you are a wizard at doing blogs.  However, going forward I’m feeling super calm, on reflection – rule number one, I should have followed the OCA notes properly on setting up the blog using the theme advised, rule number two basically should have followed rule one!  Think I am going to have a little break now and then get back to adding my notes for Exercise 3 so I can then get back to the business of studying.  To be honest pretty pleased with myself now thatI know what I’m doing and persevered until I got it right, so just remember to ask for help (I did) if you get stuck with the technical side of things, because sometimes you just can’t see the wood for the trees.

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