The following photographs I have chosen from my own album and are ones that I consider to be ‘artistic’ for various reasons.  These range from the angle they were taken, the look and feel of the photo, the colours and composition, the memory of the occasion and mostly how the photo makes me feel.


Sunrise clean up – Boracay – Jean Taylor (2017)

This photo was taken on a beach in Boracay, Philippines.  I felt this was quite artistic just by how it is framed by the overhanging plantation and the beautiful sunrise happening in the background.  It offers a feeling of peace and tranquility and perhaps the feeling of being able to hear the sound of lapping water and gentle sweeping of the sand.

Sea Views with a view – Boracay by Jean Taylor (2017)

Both these photos were taken in Boracay on different beaches, with my Pentax SLR, no Photoshop techniques or additional changes were added.  I had never seen a sunset like it.  I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time to take this photo.  A modern yacht sailing towards the sunset, music blaring, people dancing, lights flashing, whilst facing the oncoming quiet, serene, traditional boats returning to the mainland.  I loved the contrast of the boats and the sky was just unbelievable, which is why I felt it could be considered artistic purely for its dramatic colours, contrasting boats and incredible sunset.  The second photo, I feel is quite artistic purely by how I took it.  Through holes in an upside down boat that was lodged into a tree, I thought the view was just a bit different to your average photo of a stunning beach and beautiful blue sea.

The Big Breakfast – Veggie style by Jean Taylor (2019)

Not sure whether anyone agrees to this photograph being artistic, but I wanted to put a different take on an ‘English Breakfast’, in that it didn’t have to be greasy and fatty, but healthy and colourful.  I cooked stuffed mushrooms, chilli tomato and poached egg and displayed them ‘artistically’, hoping to create a clean, mouth-watering, healthy food related photo.

Saudi Beach Hut – Jean Taylor (2019)

I discovered this amazing beach in ‘Half Moon Bay’, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.  The unusual ‘Beach Huts’ are designed to allow families protection from the sun and for women to be shielded from unwanted male attention.  The photo was taken using my Pentax SLR, I aimed the camera through a port-hole of one of the other buildings, providing a round frame, to me this gave it a different view and provided perhaps a little ‘artistic’ viewpoint.

Perfect writing moment – Jean Taylor (2018)

After a wonderful day walking around Washington, I finally found a spot at a ‘pop up bar’ on the Washington marina.  I was able to kneel down and take this shot of what I thought to be a perfect writing view-point.  The atmosphere was wonderful, with people all around, either walking past or sitting enjoying the view.  I wanted to capture my passions – writing, photography, pens, notebooks, boats and a cool glass of beer.  I felt it was artistic just by the view-point and the inclusion of the artistic items such as pen, notebook and camera.

School Run in Boracay – Jean Taylor (2017)

Another Boracay photograph, there were endless opportunities to create artistic photographs in this incredible little island, this one I believe creates the feeling of carefree travelling.  There appears to be no fear of falling off, no protection on their feet, or helmets on their head.  It captures a moment in a family’s journey to school or work in Boracay.  I felt it was artistic, purely by the colours, the moment and what it represents in a country so different to the UK, but also just by the look on the woman’s face, a picture that can’t be captured again in exactly the same way.  I love the photo.

The Cow Tower, Norwich, UK and Washington Monument – Jean Taylor (2018)

The Cow Tower was built to defend the centre of Norwich, it is a round brick tower with holes strategically placed for the cannons to have been placed.  It is empty inside apart from leaves and rubbish.  The outside area was beautiful with walkways, surrounded by a variety of trees and their blossoms.  Along one of the pathways was a small tree with pretty pink flowers that had some kind of religious material woven around the branches. I decided to use this tree as a viewpoint as I felt it added a different viewpoint of  the tower, perhaps adding some intrigue to the unusual material, but also added colour to the mysterious building behind the branches, thus providing a little artistic contrast in colours and intrigue.  The Washington Monument is difficult to photograph up close because of its height.  It is a building with so much meaning behind it, however, I felt I was unable to capture its beauty up close.  It wasn’t until I walked further away and around the surrounding park with its stunning lake, greenery and wildlife, that I found what I thought was a beautiful setting.  I took the photo from under a tree providing a picturesque view of this magnificent building, which now shows off its height and majestic appearance surrounded by the stunning scenery, I felt it was artistic just because of how the building is framed by the overhanging tree and the beautiful greenery.



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