It would seem in order to have a democratic medium, there needs to be the freedom of the medium to be displayed anywhere, be it on websites, in books, the press, social media etc.  But is it true in today’s society when such barbaric forms of media have been displayed on websites such as the beheadings by ISIS, how far can democracy be a good thing?  What is the truth, ‘fake news’ has become a catch phrase now invented by Donald Trump, but does he have a point?  Young teenagers are able to find obscene websites showing you how to commit suicide, is this democracy at its best?  I’m not so sure.  When it comes to photography, the saying ‘the camera never lies’ used to be true, however now you can change the look of a photograph even whilst it’s on your camera, so perhaps the rules have changed.

I do believe in democracy, however the internet has created  a way for media to be developed into a dangerous underworld for pedophiles to thrive, bullies to be glorified and suicides to be made easy.  It’s dangerous in so many ways.  However, in other ways it’s also wonderful, you can see the world from your armchair through photos on Instagram for instance, share photos on facebook with family and friends and create mood boards on Pinterest.  My argument would be if it is illegal to behead someone then it should be illegal for it to be shown on social media, there has to be more rules in place especially where people’s lives are at risk or being ruined.

Gareth Dent – OCASA President 2015 (accessed February 24, 2019

Dent points out that ‘there isn’t exactly a shortage of images in the world’. (Dent 2013).  Two photographs show a roomful of photos that were apparently uploaded to flicker in the space of a 24 hour period.  Can you imagine doing the same now in 2019 of photographs uploaded to Instagram in a 24 hour period.  I think it would be more like a house full.  In the space of those 6 years we have seen photography grow to the point we are not sure what qualifies a person to be a ‘photographer’, now that you can take quality photos on a phone, does that mean you are a photographer, the argument is out there causing ‘qualified’ photographers grief I am sure.

I am not a ‘qualified’ photographer, however, I do love taking photos, compared to other people who wouldn’t spend time looking for opportunities to take ‘creative’ photos or go off the beaten track in the hope to find something different to photograph that nobody else has, or you don’t think they have.

Instagram is where I add my photographs too, I tend to only put up photos from my travels or here in Saudi Arabia.  I don’t put up family photographs, those I share on facebook.  My partner took an amazing photograph of a camel traveling in the back of a truck, he said I could put it on my instagram, but I couldn’t because I felt that it wasn’t one that I had taken and therefore couldn’t class it as my own work.  My photographs have been taken both with my iphone and Pentax SLR, sometimes I can’t tell the difference.  My purpose is to display the photos I have enjoyed taking and have tried to be artistic in the way I have taken them ie from an unusual view-point, through a hole in a wall.  Sometimes I have changed the colour or brightness but the photos are always my own.  On facebook I will share photos that my daughters have put on their or other people have put funny or interesting photos, but I rarely put any of my own on there.

Social media allows people to share photos, ideas, inspirations, blogs and much more, the downside is the bullying, cruelty and horror it can also bring.

Asked if I feel I am ‘adding to the flood’, I don’t think so, I don’t add a 100 photos a day, perhaps one or two a month, and just ones I think are of interest.  I am not there for the likes, however it is nice when someone does post a comment and appreciates what I have taken.  There are some accounts who have hundreds of thousand followers or likes, but I can’t help think are they real, how does that happen.  I am happy for the time being with my 178 follows and the occasional ‘like’.



ubiquitous – seeming to be everywhere – Cambridge Dictionary

(accessed February 19, 2019)

ephemeral – lasting for only a short time – Cambridge Dictionary

(accessed February 19, 2019)

Gareth Dent – OCASA President 2015 (accessed February 24, 2019

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