In part 2 of this exercise we are asked to take some moving shots of our own.  I was lucky to be visiting Bahrain at the weekend and decided to visit the back streets of Bahrain where you don’t get expatriates visiting, apart from visiting the Old Fort of Bahrain.  I concentrated on the ‘Decisive Moment’ with only my iphone 5 to hand, I took my moving shots.  (All these photos are property of Jean Taylor (February 2019).

Photo 1 – Bahrain, Shia village, Arabic man making pottery outside a store.  I took this whilst in a moving car slowly driving  around the roundabout – a ‘Decisive Moment’ shot.  I thought the additional man in western clothing was great to capture  at the same time, providing a comparison of the two men.  I used my iphone 5 to capture the shot.

Photo 2 – Bahrain, Shia village, this group of birds, looked similar to a English turkeys, I saw them walking across the road in front of us, pulled the car over and took the shot with my iphone 5, they were pretty noisy birds and seem a little agitated so didn’t have too long to aim and shoot.  Was pleased to get the ‘Decisive Moment’ shot that included the only black bird amongst them, along with a little loan one tagging behind.

Photo 3 – Bahrain, ‘Bahrain Fort area’, just walking down from the fort where perched on cliffedge above the sea.  There were hundreds of birds floating on the water as I was walking towards them, suddenly  some children startled them.  I quickly took out my phone and took the shot, again with my iphone 5.  Once again was a ‘Decisive Moment’ of  movement.

Photo 4 – Bahrain, ‘Bahrain Fort’, walking towards the Fort, I saw in the distance a man on an Arabian Horse wearing a cowboy hat, trotting quite majestically across the sand.  I took the shot from a distance and wished more than anything I had my SLR camera with me.  However, I also think the shot being unfocused gives it some mystery especially with the village buildings in the background.  I used my iphone 5 camera.

Photo 6 – Bahrain, Shia village, whilst driving away from the village, I noticed an open pick up truck with a young boy standing in the back, I couldn’t help thinking how dangerous it was.  At a ‘Decisive Moment’ I took the shot using my iphone 5, through the front window of the car.  I was pleased to see the road sign saying ‘reduce speed now’ as I was already worried for the poor boy in the back.  The photo was taken whilst in a moving car.



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