Movement of Power (2019) Jean Taylor


In Exercise 1 we are asked our opinions on how each picture conveys  movement.

Large Main Picture – Copyright Jacques-Henri Lartigue’s Cousin Bichonnade in Flight (Lacma images)

  • As if flying, like Mary Poppins, film like
  • Running down the stairs
  • Falling down the stairs
  • In flight
  • Victorian Time

Picture 1 – Copyright Derek Trillo, Passing Place, Manchester, 2006

  • Shadows, people passing on stairs possibly outside an office building or shopping mall
  • Suttle colours, photos out of focus, main characters black

Picture 2 – Copyright  Harold Edgerton, Bullet and Apple, c. 1964

  • A bullet passing through an apple
  • High speed
  • Explosive
  • Time & Place – Apple immortal, bullet mortal

Picture 3 – Copyright – Harold Edgerton, Multiflash tennis serve, 1949

  • Black and white vision of a tennis player hitting a ball
  • Slow motion as racquet is seen a dozen times,.
  • Fast shot taken in single frames

Recommended Reading

Terry Barrett – Principles for Interpreting Art (accessed February 28, 2019)

Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation (accessed March 3, 2019)

Decisive Moment – Henri Cartier-Bresson – Article by (accessed March 3, 2019

Henri Cartier-Bresson – Biography – The Art Story – (Accessed March 3, 2019)




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