The feedback I received from my tutor was very constructive and encouraging, however I knew when I sent the assignment that I hadn’t fully understood the question that I had chosen and perhaps was not a wise choice on my part.  It would seem from what I understand from the feedback I need to restructure the essay as I have not made a suitable argument as the basis for the essay and tend to go off track instead of exploring the context of photography in more depth.  I really enjoyed researching the history of photography and learning about different photographers and how they approached their work differently.   The following is a summary of actions I need to take in order to submit a more suitable essay:


Part 1 – define key terms ie index, documentary, realism, truth, montage, dada, appropriation).  Include definition of photomontage (see Stuart Hall’s reflection on picture post).

Part 2 – Discuss the images and their context (read John Walker again). Describe the images by using a form, content, context note form.  Read Barrett and rose.  Start with the description (compositional) then semiotic outline and a discussion of his challenge to dominate power via images (Gillian Rose – Visual Methodologies book on ‘discourse’).  Compare Terry Barrett and John Walker and their outline of ‘internal’ (what Walker terms ‘immanent’ structure of images) ie formal relationships with their ‘external’, which is both the ‘sitting’ or display – in the case of Kennard it is juxtaposition with other elements as well as the meaning interpreted which brings in the external or socio-historical context (Dada influences, work for CND, Thatcherism, truth to power etc.)

Part 3 –  Conclude with the challenge to both documentary realism (through montage) and Landscape genere in painting.


Read the OCA Harvard Referencing information again.  I feel I am improving but still make mistakes –

Tutor has provided extensive Reading lists which I will now read, however in order for me to not loose my confidence I have decided to continue with Part 5 of the course to keep the momentum flowing and finish this before going back to re write Assignment 4.


As suggested by my tutor I have taken out the ‘Document’ Tab and will utilize my Research tab more to include quotes as I go along that will help me structure the next assignment better.

My tutor has been very encouraging, highlighting that it is mainly structural problems I have at the moment, and that my assignment had been productive and my self-reflection was honest.  I realize that perhaps I need to really try to understand the Assignment and what is required first, as much as I enjoy the Projects and Exercises these are in fact to help me produce an essay based on the research I have done.  Hopefully this will sink in as my OCA journey continues.