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In this exercise we are asked to chose a film and its corresponding poster and reflect on how the typography, image, colour and composition are used to reflect the nature of the film.

The film I have chosen is ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof'(1958) starring Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman.  The image on the poster is that of Elizabeth Taylor (The Cate), looking very seductive and sultry, dressed in a sexy nightdress.  There is a pillow suggesting she is lying on a bed.  This sets the scene for what must be a film about a woman who is compared to a ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’.  This provokes an image of a woman jumping up and down, screaming and shouting, clawing at someone, anything, a fiery temperament.  In the film Paul Newman is an alcoholic married to this temptress woman,  they are invited back to his parents house as it’s his father’s birthday, the scene is set with many family scenes, with Elizabeth Taylor looking exactly like the poster.  The colour of the poster is bright yellow with the typography is in red and reflects a strong image making the title stand out.  I would say it is a good reflection of the film although there is no sign of Paul Newman in the poster.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, 1958 Lithograph in colours – American School – Photo courtesy of Christie’s Images/Bridgeman Images.

On reflection of this exercise I didn’t find too much substance to the research or findings of posters, I’m also still uneasy at copying pictures and putting them on my blog unless they are from Bridgeman Education website.



In this exercise we are asked to describe the type of statements 5 different messages are giving:

Enjoy your stay – Is written in an Old English Text typography and gives a welcoming message, possibly a Christmas meal at a country inn.

DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS THEY ARE DANGEROUS – When typing in capitals this is considered to be shouting in a message, and this message is conveying a warning so it is being made loud and clear to the public not to feed the animals and the reason why.

We are professionals – this typography is very plain, no frills or curves, just professional.

LUXURY – This typography is quite fanciful and large, giving off a message that the item is fancy and luxury.

hand made – Very simple but bold, letting the customer know it has been hand made, with no fancy additions.

Part 2 of the exercise is to find our own examples.  Specifically for ones that appears to have discrepancy between the written message and its typographic form and also ones that compliment each other.

Image 1 is a bold advert, using Capitals so almost shouting the message out.  You wouldn’t know this was a drink unless you knew what Vermouth was, however the branding for Cinzano uses these colours and is quite distinctive.  I chose image 2 as I wasn’t sure why the typography was in two parts, the second word ‘Birthday’ looks to be the type of typography I would use for this type of birthday card so would have used for both words.  the third image is full of different typography which I found interesting, it starts with an old English style for the first word but then changes into all different ones, which makes it quite confusing.


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