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Everyone knows Victoria Beckham, either as a member of the girl pop band ‘The Spice Girls” or as the wife of x England football player, David Beckham.  Fewer know her as an award winning Fashion Designer.  I have followed her as much as I can, she is British, beautiful, talented, mother of four and a great ambassador for the British fashion industry.  Her designs are described as classic, elegant, cutting edge and expensive!  I love her designs and therefore have chosen to research her work for this project ‘Research Point’

My first stop was to go to her website, which doesn’t say to much about her personal or company’s stance on Sustainability, which surprised me.  There is just a brief history on the About section stating when the fashion brand was launched “Since launching in 2008 the Victoria Beckham fashion brand has developed a distinctive and modern language of clothing”.  Nothing is said about sustainability.  Further research took me to the fashion news website called WWW which had an article quoting the spokesperson for Victoria Beckham brand saying that they had never used fur however they have now also banned the use of exotic animal skins of any kind in their quest to be sustainable in the fashion industry and use ethically sources products.

“As a business, we have been looking to action the use of more ethically sourced products that have less environmental impact for some time. We are happy to confirm that we will cease using exotic skins in all future collections as of our main autumn/winter 19 ready-to-wear presentation. This decision reflects the wishes of not only the brand, but also that of our customers.”

  • The Victoria Beckham clothing designs is the craft behind the business.  However I am unable to find anything on their website or fashion articles that explains anything about how their clothes are made except that they provide a ‘Modern Slavery Statement’, therefore stating they don’t use suppliers that are unethical, however that perhaps suggests they do use resources abroad and that means VBL products are not made by only British crafts people.  A ‘Modern Slavery Statement’ also mentions “At VBL, we value human rights and dignity and are committed to maintaining and improving practices to combat modern slavery and human trafficking throughout our business.   We encourage our suppliers to share our commitment to providing an ethical work environment”. (VBL 2016).
  • I can’t find anything on Slow Design that relates to Victoria Beckham designs.  The only fact is that her clothing is expensive and therefor not perhaps destined to Landfill sites and likely to be worn again and sold rather then thrown away.
  • From what I understand Victoria and David Beckham contribute a lot to charity both in time and financially, they are a business partnership and would not want to endanger their reputation by being unethical.  Their business brand is very important to them and in latest news reports Victoria is keen to keep improving her brand both ethically and financially.
  • I do value craft and craftsmanship, quality is important, although I have been known to buy from high street chain stores not knowing how the items are supplied or the ethics behind them.  Handmade notebooks are extremely important to me and I am becoming more aware of designers that are making their items from plastic from the sea, I would not have known the full extent of Sustainability if it wasn’t for this course, it has really opened up a wide range of topics in this respect.
  • Modern Society is embracing ‘Craft’, looking for clothes that haven’t been made in sweat shops by children on a meager wage, they are looking for quality and a feeling the item is worth more if it is made well and with love instead of rushed and without care and attention.  The whole idea of sustainability is now reaching higher levels, I have certainly had my eyes opened to a situation that I hadn’t know excited to this degree.


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Victoria Beckham Ditches Exotic Skins, Reconfirms No-Fur Stance