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Classic Chanel Jacket and Skirt 2018/2019 – Photo courtesy of Chanel Website

The Fashion image I have chosen is from the Chanel  “The Metiers d’art 2018/2019” Collection shown in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The theme was based on inspiration from Egypt and New York, with Gold being the prominent colour.  The garment choice I have made is classic Chanel, the jacket and skirt being made out of Cotton & Silk Tweed with the typical designer pockets, collar and large buttons, all in a striking gold colour.  Combined with over the top Metal & Resin, Gold/Green earings and Cuff bracelets adding volume and colour to the beige and ecru coloured jacket and skirt.  Underneath the jacket and skirt you visualized an ecru jersey material dress floating to the grown beneath the silhouette tweed suite.  The typical tweed square pattern of Chanel was clearly visible, providing a sophisticated, elegant and bold silhouette.

The ethnic model provides the depth of color to the cool ecru shade of the suit making the photograph stand out in full against the amazing backdrop of the museum

I absolutely love Chanel clothes, they are so classic and beautiful.  As with all famous brands they are always having to reinvent themselves, however, with Chanel the branding is always recognizable as well as certain outfits such a the typical tweed square pattern jackets and dresses, I have always loved fashion and my dream was and is to own a classic dress and jacket. Chanel is also famous for its perfumes and makeup something I endulge it, their brand is making you feel special, beautiful and empowered.






Maiko Takeda – Atmospheric Collection

“Hundreds of plastic elements project from the surface of her millinery pieces.  They create a defined silhouette, while coloured tips create a floating outline of that silhouette”.

accessed July 9, 2019

Balenciaga’s Coat – Design

The design of the coat with its soft folds down the sleeves, appeared effortless, however to achieve this effect it was very skillful to avoid a bulky look.  The look of the coat was from the 1950’s and created a “luxurious statement”.

(accessed 7th July 2019)

Richard Ardavedon – Veruschka Dress by Bill Blass 1967

Drape and Movement – This photo captures the movement of textiles by the way the model has been photographed adding a kinetic energy to the garments

(accessed July 9 2019)



  • A Vogue Photographer – 163 Covers in all (Jones 2019)
  • Renowned for breakikng down the boundary between commercial and fine-art photography, working in a style of refined, elegant minimalism (Jones 2019)
  • Most famous cover Jean Patchet 1950.  Classical symmetry, black and white, netted cover on her face, sophisticated look, use of scarves, hat, extremely sharp using perhaps cotton fabric and

Jones, Rebecca – Article on Irving Penn (2019) can be found here (accessed July 14, 2019)


  • “she works in a very specific world: very intimate, full of softness and beauty like a dream world” (Attwood 2016)
  • Came to prominence in the 1980’s and 1990’s.  Her work is painterly and otherworldly (Attwood 2016)
  • Teamed up with NARS makeup to produce fashion photos on the theme ‘transparency’.
  • Pictures look to be of plastic material, see through, although tinged in white with dramatic red lipstick and nail polish.
  • Very dreamy image using plastic jewellery, bodice, face shield

Attwood, Naomi – The Independent newspaper online – article can be found here:


(accessed 14th July 2019)


How beautiful and chic and comfortable the girls looked in their slender floor-sweeping tweed coatdresses, soft and lithe as robes; in the high-waisted pants paired with abbreviated or slim-fitted versions of the signature CHANEL jacket; in the seductive evening dresses, concocted by the incomparable maîtrise of the flou ateliers. Walking with calm grace wearing flats, they were the epitome of modern, effortless, luxurious chic. Mademoiselle, with her formidable, implacable eye, would have certainly approved.”  (Cardini 2019)

Mademoiselle Chanel famous for her elegant, chic, luxurious, tweed jackets, dresses, bags and perfumes, to name but a few.  A lifetime ambition is to own one of these jackets, there is just something magical when you know it’s a ‘Chanel’.

Cardini, Tiziana – Fashion Writer – Article regarding the Fall-Winter 2019/2020 Chanel Haute Couture Show – can be found here: (accessed July 16, 2019)





  • intricate design details, colourful prints, fabrics or embellishments. We design in-house, source globally and ethically, and are dedicated to delivering keepsake quality.
  • It is a journey that started on a hippy commune in Ibiza, 1970, and finished with an overland trip east, through Afghanistan and India.
  • vibrant, colourful, hand-crafted artisan clothes
  •  beautiful, bohemian-inspired pieces with hand-printed, hand-woven and crochet design details
  • made with hand-loomed cotton and silk fabrics, organic vegetable dyes and artisan block-printing techniques.
  •  Indian villages using hand-loomed cotton fabrics, organic vegetable dyes and artisanal block-printing techniques
  • Women clothes, children clothes, fashion accessories, wedding outfits, homeware.

It is a brand that uses designs that are mostly of  distinctive, colourful and vibrant pattern and design.  The original designs began in Ibiza, 1970, and then Afghanistan and India using hand loomed cotton and silk fabrics using organic vegetable dyes and artisan block-printing techniques.  They have since progressed into homeware, such as throws, cushions and furniture using using designs from  woodblock-printing to intricate embroideries.   “Artisanal handcraft techniques make their mark throughout the range, lending a touch of bohemian glamour to any home”.

(accessed 14th July 2019)


‘The room on the woman’ and ‘the woman in the room’.  Unfortunately the link given was blocked on my internet (as it sometimes is in Saudi Arabia if there are models wearing unusual or see through garments), so I am not sure what the article was however, I further researched and came across an article in the Standard Newspaper, a London on line evening paper.  The article mentions this very same saying, as Katrnatzou had a show at the London Fashion Week in 2011 and 20 of her models were modeling items that were similar to that of domestic furnishings.  “Some wore skirts shaped as Victorian lampshades, others had necklines cut like curtain pelmets and all had an architectural graphic – a Palm Beach villa or grand hotel lobby – spliced vividly on to the very fabric of their garments. The fashion press went mad with delight”. (Corner 2011).

According to Japan Vogue “The collection, entitled Ceci n’est pas une chambre (This is not a room; very Magritte), was a surrealist masterpiece of trompe l’oeil and fantasy. Inspired by the fashion photo-graphy of Guy Bourdin and Helmut Newton, Katrantzou had, instead of putting the woman in the room, quite simply put the room on the woman. She knew that sending girls out dressed more World of Interiors than any fashion glossy was a risk, but she did it anyway. ‘It was on the verge of being too gimmicky and a total flop,’ she says. ‘I had the fear all the way through designing it that it was all too much. I remember telling my boyfriend, “If people actually like this it will give me a huge boost to trust my instincts, but if it’s a disaster I’m going have to start again.”

‘The room on the woman’ and ‘the woman in the room’.  It would seem the collection was about the models wearing the clothes that were inspired from objects you would find in a room such as a skirt shaped like a lampshape, or necklines that were shaped with material like a pelmet, this would then be referring to “The room on the woman”, instead of the other way round of the “woman in the room”.

Corner, Lena – The Standard Newspaper – website – article can be found here at: (accessed July 15, 2019) (accessed July 15, 2019) (accessed July 15, 2019)