Part 3 – Visual Communications – Research


Exercise 1 – Bibliography

Bridgeman Education – Visual Communications slide show by Jean Taylor (November 2018)

Coco Cola Journey website (accessed 8/11/2018)

Lewis and Partners and Waitrose and Partners, with the slogan “For us, It’s personal”. (accessed 8/11/2018)

Google Maps – biggest information website, communicating via satellite, showing how to get from one destination to another (accessed 8/11/2018)

London Protests – (accessed 8/11/2018) 


The following links were on newspaper stories regarding rape cases, accessed on November 22, 2018.  This was in order to create a collage on a newspaper article.


What does this apple mean? such a simple question however it lead on to lots of different communication and research into Apples ie Apple the company, Apple the forbidden fruit, Apple a day keeps the doctor away, Adams Apple and Apple as a deathly weapon as in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  The research also helped me understand the Signifier and what is signified. (accessed December 3, 2018)

(accessed December 3, 2018)

(accessed December 4, 2018)

(accessed December 3, 2018)



(accessed December 20, 2018)


(Accessed December 20, 2018)


(Accessed December 20, 2018)


(accessed December 17, 2018

Exercise 4

I decided to research websites to do with Writing and Photography websites as I know this is what excites me am passionate about, I thought it would be interesting to see what stood out as cutting edge, informative and persuasive.  I found some better than others, lots were outdated or too complicated to navigate round.  The ones that stood out for me me I considered to be professional, informative, stood out, colourful or at least attractive, up to date and really interesting with excellent writing and/photographic skills along with a great web design and layout.


ABC Tales – accessed January 14, 2019

This site is specifically for writers to ‘share, discuss and develop their work’.  It is a very simple, but bright and cheerful website, easy to navigate and somewhere to have your work displayed and even edited by other writers.  Looks like there is a lively forum for giving and seeking advise.  Looks to be inventive and looking forward to signing up.  I would say it persuades you to want to share your work and is informative in as much as it informs you of other writers works and forums to join.  It  does provide weekly poems and stories to read which I would class as entertaining.

BBC – Writers Room – accessed January 14, 2019

The BBC has a website that is specifically for writers to submit scripts and to obtain information about the writing opportunities within the BBC.  I found the website to be extremely colourful and attractive, also easy to navigate and very well presented.  It is possible to submit scripts in both Comedy and Drama and includes a section where you can read a variety of scripts from archived tv programmes.  It is a great website for those wishing to follow script writing as a form of writing.  It is persuasive in the way it encourages you to enter scripts and gives deadlines and how to submit forms and is therefore very informative.  I’m not sure of entertainment value but most definitely an exciting one to be a part of.

The British Library accessed January 15, 2019

A very informative website that is up-to-date, modern, eye-catching and very persuasive in its visual content.  It provides a variety of exciting avenues to learn, like discovering the longest epic poem in Old English, there are blogs, catalogues to read and events to attend.  Everything is vibrant and clear, photos are exceptional quality and the layout and navigation are excellent.  I am very excited at the prospect of becoming a member and joining their mailing list.

Writers Online Accessed online January 15, 2019

This is a very clear and concise website, providing a lot of information on courses to attend, books to buy and competitions to enter, it is also linked to a magazine called Writing Magazine provided on a monthly basis.  It markets the brand well and is quite persuasive in encouraging you to enter the competitions and buy the magazine and books, there is no entertainment value however it is a great website for resources and encouragement for writers.


British Journal of Photography accessed on January 15, 2019

I love the simplicity of this website, it is truly about the photographs.  There are a variety of cultural, contemporary and artistic photos that stretch the imagination.  A select number of photos provide further information to the history of the photo and/or photographer and links will take you to limited competitions, featured articles, galleries and photo books.  If looking at a photo is entertainment to you, then this site is worth investigating and exploring the unusual and unexpected.

iPhone Photography School accessed January 16, 2019

Another Simple but eye-catching website created in black, white and red colours.  Slick, informative, fun and persuasive in making you want to learn more from their free tutorials, hints and tips, news/updates and interviews with competitions to enter too.  It’s a great site but is for iphone users as the title suggests .  I take many photos with my iphone, and don’t use any of the tools that I realize it now has, am looking forward to learning more.

Fstoppers accessed January 16, 2019

An extremely up to date, informative, exciting and colourful website.  It is exceptional.  The home page has a blog containing current articles written by a team of Fstopper writers/photographers showing their passion and knowledge for photography.  Articles feature, lighting techniques, how to become a professional photographer and camera reviews, to name but a few.  The tutorials are run by professionals and do cost, this doesn’t surprise me as it is clear who the website is aimed at, serious photographers.  There are contests and a community for discussions and sharing of knowledge, perhaps one to investigate further when not quite a beginner.

The Spruce Crafts – Photography  accessed January 16, 2019

A beautiful and refreshing website, one that you will want to spend endless hours in your favorite corner having a good read, discovering different hobbies and crafts ranging from jewellery making, needlework, papercrafts and of course photography.  The style of the website is a very soft, warm and welcoming feel with pastel colours and square photos, the articles are  written in a friendly manner, not too technical.  Information provided is easy to find and I have enjoyed the photography section giving an assortment of guidance from curing ‘red eye’, what photo editor to use and how to take the perfect ocean picture.  It has a great entertainment value in providing so much information on games such as learning chess and certain card games.    Extremely persuasive in its style as it is hard to just concentrate on just the photography section, the choice of new hobbies and crafts is very persuasive in making you want to try something different.   It is modern and very beautifully put together.

On reflection of this exercise, I thoroughly enjoyed finding new and exciting websites that provide informative and exciting ideas for writing and photography.  I can’t wait for some spare time to investigate further as they have certainly persuaded me to try new photography skills and to enter new competions and blogs with my writing.